HTML, CSS and JavaScript for a non programmer.

In this article I will try to explain what HTML, CSS and JS aka JavaScript is in a plain simple English to a person who has not written even a single line of code. I am a self taught developer and when i started to teach myself how to code I found it very hard to understand the tutorials and article as most of the articles and tutorials assumed that you already knew some kind of programming language or I was from an Computer Science background.

What is HTML???

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language is a programming language that is user for making websites. Just think of it like this you have a Word document or a PDF file and in order to read the content of the file you will need MS Word to read the word document and PDF reader to read the content of the PDF document. If you don’t have MS Word or PDF reader the file will not open on your device or you will need some app that will do that for you. In the similar manner HTML is also a document or a file that can be read only by the browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. In the absence of the browser the content of the HTML file can’t be seen and all the website in the world uses HTML under the hood. You can think of the HTML like the skeleton.

What is CSS???

CSS stand for Cascading Style sheet and it is used for adding styles to the website. A website can be built without CSS but it will look very boring and ugly like it was built in the 80's and 90's. So in order to make the website look beautiful you will need to add CSS and in modern days 99.9% of the websites uses CSS to style their content. Think of it like this CSS is like wearing clothes.

Some of the things that the CSS is used for are:-

  1. Adding Colors
  2. Moving the Content.
  3. Styling the Buttons, changing fonts etc.
  4. Simple Animations.

What is JavaScript???

JavaScript is a programming language that has noting to do with Java (another programming language) that is user for making the website dynamic because HTML and CSS are both static and once it is loaded only few changes can be made on the website. So in order to have the web-site more dynamic like uploading picture, submitting the form, logging in signing up we need JavaScript. In the early days of JavaScript it was only user for the above mentioned things but as the language evolved today it has become very powerful and is one of the most popular and in demand programming language today. You can think like this HTML is the Skeleton, CSS is wearing cloth and with JS you can walk, run, dance etc.

. Today JS can be used as :-

  1. Back-end Language.
  2. Machine Learning.
  3. AI
  4. Data Science
  5. Robotics etc.
  6. Building Games.